Simple iframe app shows empty page

I have a kibana app plugin that is implemented as an iframe to another URL. When I go my kibana website the app plugin in shows up. When I click on my app (on the left side where all the apps are), it works just fine. But when I click on the app plugin again a white screen shows up instead of my expected content. Is there some setup I must perform in index.js or app.js, etc ... that will insure my iframe URL will show up when the app is clicked on ?

May I ask which version of Kibana you are using ?



Hi Rashmi,

5.3.4 is our Kibana version.

I'm having a little trouble envisioning what's happening here. Could you provide some screenshots? Thanks!


Here is the view of the kibana App when our app is first selected from the left menu:


and here is the view when the our kibana App is clicked on again (in the left menu):


Yeah, this is an odd bug, and for some reason giving your page a default URL other than "/" seems to fix it.

So, rather than something like

.when('/', {
  template: require('plugins/threat_model/templates/index.html')

Try something like

.when('/home', {
  template: require('plugins/threat_model/templates/index.html')


When the threat model is first clicked on (from the left menu) the url that shows up in the browser contains the appended string, "#/?_g=()". I'm not sure why.
(as in
When it is clicked on again, the url is appended with this string: "#?_g=()",
(as in
and when clicked on a 3rd time it becomes this:

None of these urls match the intended:

So something in the code flow when clicking on the left menu "Threat Model" is appending these various strings.

I did try what you suggested, but it did not fix the issue.

You can reproduce my problem, by downloading this kibana app plugin:

Startup kibana, and click on the "shard" app on the left.
You will notice it comes up fine.

Click on it again, and you will see the white screen I speak of.

Note, I am using kibana 5.3.2 and I also changed the shard plugin to reference that version as well.

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