Kibana iframe url loads and suddenly disappears in chrome

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I am using 2 Iframes in my webpage. Both iframes have kibana URL loaded and they are aligned side by side by adjusting webpage width. When i'm trying to load the webpage, both iframes are loading fine. But after 2-3 seconds, suddenly the webpage disappears. I don't find any error logs in console window or response error logs in network window of chrome.
This was working fine for nearly 6 months. But suddenly in last 2-3 weeks, i have started seeing this loading issue only in chrome browser. Please help me to resolve this issue

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Can you share your kibana version? Did you upgrade kibana or was this only browser upgrade? Does the window show up if you change the width or height (causing a repaint, might have to open up dev tools)?

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Kibana version that we use is 4.5.1. Even with 4.4.1 i can see this problem. No kibana upgrade was done recently . We are using this version of kibana for nearly 6 months. But only from 2 weeks back i'm seeing this kind of error. I can get, one of the chrome upgrades was done on 25-Jul-2017 from Wiki page . So i can conclude that, this was browser upgrade only.

Even if i try to change width or height, window is not showing up. Which means both iframes are loading fine at first, appears in screen for 2-3 seconds, and suddenly it disappears. But if i right click in my webpage and do some action like inspect, those webpages become visible again and not getting disappeared from then.

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1more thing to update:
From the console window in chrome, i can observe 1 thing that, on loading webpage, whenever I'm getting tabify agg response(in commons.bundle.js?v=9892:59457 tabify agg response) in console window, it is trying to make my page visible. So suddenly, my page appears for a sec and disappears. Then when i close that inspect window and reopen it again, i found that "reflow dashboard" (commons.bundle.js?v=9892:59457 reflow dashboard) flow happens and make my web page to appear correctly and is not disappearing from then.

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Thanks for the help @jbudz
I figure out when this issue occurs.
It occurs when i try to change width of an iframe.
Still i don't know why iframe not loading when its width get changed dynamically.
For now, i have fixed it by changing the width of the div that holds the iframe, instead of changing iframe width directly.

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