Grant permission to space is not effect


My Elasticsearch is: 7.1.0
My Kibana is: 7.1.1
They are enabled xpack security and successful for some kind of role like kibana_dashboard_only_user

But my problem is:

  • I create 2 Spaces (development and staging) and 2 users (development and staging) , I want only 1 user can see/access 1 Space (In each space I create private Dashboard with different bussiness requirement ) . I did follow so grant permission . But now, my problem is user staging can access Space developemt. I don't want staging user access to development Space.

User permission image

staging roles

What am I wrong?

If you want to control individual spaces in Kibana, do not use the kibana_user or kibana_dashboard_only_user roles. These roles were built before the spaces feature was introduced and gave the user read-only access to the entire .kibana index. So users with these roles are able to access all spaces in Kibana. Instead, create your own roles that grant access to specific spaces. More details on this can be found in the docs.

We have longer term plans to improve the user experience around this, so it's more obvious in the UI that these built-in roles cannot be locked down to a specific space.

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