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I am filtering some events by a specific id with Graph Elastic but the result doesn't filter it because I can see other differents ids in the graph.
I don't understand which is the reason.


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In the Graph app the behaviour of some common components, like the search box, are a bit different than in the rest of the Kibana app.
The Graph app does not have yet the concept of "visualization filter", and the search box has only the function to provide an initial filter for the first graph creation: any subsequent request, like a node expand, will not take into account the search box query any more.

This can be confusing as in your case.

Hi @Marco_Liberati,

Thanks a lot for your answer.

Yes, I agree with you but I finally found what I'm looking for in my query. This happens when you put zero value in Timestamp field in setting option.


After I executed the same query with my filter and the result only showed my traceid. I think that if I put zero value in this field there isn't time in order to search other associations with other components. I also verified that the associations between components were right.
It's my conclusion after I do some tests.

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