Graph not showing correct nodes

When i add a field to a graph it doesn't show the correct nodes
As you can see in below image i have five different value for 'DevName' field but when i add that to a graph it doesn't show any of them.

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Hi, I can see the five different terms in the view of the data in Discover, but do those terms have any relationship to each other?

To add more to that: Graph is a visualizer of the Significant Terms aggregation. The "SigTerms agg" is able to find "uncommonly common" relationships of a field's terms. It can find these relationships against the background noise of "commonly common" and "uncommonly uncommon" relationships of the terms in the data.

So the question is: is your data the kind to actually have uncommonly common relationships of the DevName field?

The use case for Graph, I think, is specialized when you have data with multi-value field(s) that is made up of:

  • "top terms" that show up in all the documents in the index (commonly common)
  • "rare terms" that show up in a few documents in the index (uncommonly uncommon)
  • "significant terms," where terms may or may not be common in the index, but when they are present in a field value, other terms significantly appear as values in the field of the same document.

The two images you shared are not really comparable. The nodes in a Graph chart are terms that are significant to each other, whereas the values in the bar chart in Graph are just the top terms.

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