Graph plotting for GC

Hi There ,
was able to parse the GC logs and can split the details as required ,please find the below sample output of "Discover" window

Time  	                    TYPE   	gc_type gc_cause     	   totalHeap UsedAafterGC   before_gc   real sys       	YoungGenafter_gc  youngUsedAftergc       	youngGenbeforeGC     
	May 20, 2019 @ 15:02:05.701	PSYoungGen	GC	Allocation Failure	28,160	10,913	         15,577    	0	0	          9,216          	1,238	                 5,910

now I need to plot a graph for youngen and oldgen Heap pattern along with GC cause and GC duration ...could you please let me know how i can do tht ( i tried with line and Data table but not able figure out

Is this for Elasticsearch GC?

Thanks for the reply, nope ,its for Tomcat appserver GC log ,here I m using file beat to push the data to log stash and with filter, I m formatting the captured log ,now I want to plot a graph which shows the GC pattern

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