Graphing crunchbase data like mark harwood did in youtube vid

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I am new to this, but I have now spent hours reading and watching tutorial videos, but I can't replicate what Mark Harwood (an Elastic developer) did in this video :

I am logged into to kibana, but I don't know how to get the csv's uploaded so I can select the crunchbase data like he does in the video.

I just want to have everything loaded up to the extent he has when the video starts, if I can get the files onto kibana and accessible in the graph section I can use the video for the rest of the instructions.

Please help if you find it possible. I want to become an avid user but I am struggling and guidance.

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Hi @manocs,

The CSV data has to be indexed (uploaded) into Elasticsearch before you an view it in Kibana. There are many ways to do this, but perhaps the simplest one (at the moment) would be to use Logstash. Here's a blog post that explains how to upload CSV data into Elasticsearch using Logstash:

Once the CSV data is indexed into Elasticsearch, each row in the CSV file will become a document in Elastisearch, with the columns within each row becoming fields within the document. Further, all these documents will be stored in a single Elasticsearch index (named "crunchbase" in Mark's video).

When you load up Kibana, you will need to create a new index pattern; at this time specify the name of the Elasticsearch index in which your CSV data is loaded. After you've defined the index pattern, you can start using it in Kibana as Mark does.

Hope that helps,


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I have been trying to the guidelines on the website you provided, but i first need to figure out how to download & run logstash.

I downloaded it from the website & extracted it like i do with any file (not using command prompt) but when I tried to run it using command prompt (bin/logstash...) , I got back prompt saying "not recognized as an internal command..."

So I tried downloading it from command prompt & running it from there, hoping it would be easier to access if I do both downloading and running on there. But my command prompt says "not recognized..." even when I type pwd, to try to check what directory I'm in. I'm very new to this, so I wouldn't be surprised if I am missing something simple. please help if you can. I just want to follow these guidelines to : run logstash and get my csv file onto kibana so I can use the graph function.

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