Grid lines not displaying properly in Horizontal Bar Graph

Hi All,

We are using horizontal bar viz' to display the count of data against runtime of a specific job.
We have a custom field called 'RUNTIME' which is populated through database and we use this field in 'Range Aggregation'.

The issue is, it is sometimes difficult to visualize the boundaries of the bars especially when there are too many data - that's why it'd be great if we could display both the x and y (gridlines). But even with X-Axis lines enabled, the line is not showing (as seen on the graph above) - only the Y-Axis lines are displayed.


We also noticed that the X-axis lines are only displayed when used against date histogram which doesn't make any sense.

Appreciate your help on the matter,


Hello Keeshia,

Can you please let me know which aggregation you are using?
I think we have a possible bug. I will confirm after your reply.


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