Line and bar position difference in same chart

(Wayne Du) #1

When I create a visualize which include line and bar, I found the line's start time and the bar's inconsistent.
Please see my screen shot, the link and bar in same chart, both of line and bar has data on 2018-08-06, but the line's position did not same as bar

Any one could help to give the solution for this issue, the kibana version is 6.3

(Tyler Smalley) #2

This might have been a bug which was resolved as I can not reproduce on 6.4.

(Wayne Du) #3

Thanks tylersmalley

(Wayne Du) #4

@tylersmalley Thanks so much, I have another question. When I created a visualize, and the Date Histogram select weekly, when the mouse hover on the bar, the date show 2018-08-06, but the data in the X-axis is 2018-08-11, I set the weeks start on Sunday in Advanced Settings. it's possibly to set the date on bar same as the X-axis ? please refer may screen shot.


(system) #5

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