Grok pattern for space OR double space


I have logs like that ,
Wed May 10 02:50:43 2017
Wed May 3 12:23:21 2017
My grok pattern works when they are only 1 space , like the "Wed May 10 02:50:43 2017" but with "Wed May 3 12:23:21 2017", it doesn't work. But when i remove one space, it's operate.

My grok pattern is :
Thank you

When I change my grok pattern with a space like that , it works with the 3 may but not with the 10

PS: I already try '+' and '{1,2}


The problem for you might come from your definition of SAPROUTER_MONTH or SAPROUTER_MONTHDAY which already includes one space. That's why +didn't work (+ means at least one occurence) and the same goes for {1,2}

So \s* might work, as well as \s{0,1} which is equal to \s?.
A space in your definition really defines a space so be carefull with that and do not input extra spaces when not needed

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But... Wed May 3 12:23:21 2017 doesn't have any double spaces. The problem appears to be with your SAPROUTER_MONTHDAY pattern.


He had, I fail CC but he had double space :slight_smile:


Thank you, it works :slight_smile:


By the way, you might want to clean you pattern not to match extra space. Always tests your patterns beforehand to avoid any errors like this.


Yes I already try but It doesn't take into account the space (my pattern worked on this site) :confused:


Correctly works for me. Maybe just like here, double space wasn't properly add, or forgotten a space in your pattern, etc.

Anyway, pay attention to this.


Yes maybe,
Thanks again !

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