Group by and having max field

Hi I have a data in kibana as below

What I am trying to do is to get the only journeyId.keyword 's which has max IndexInEntry

for example this is the response I want to get
c4ca5cfaedbfa3f6de4feb1590002c50 3
c9f6ddd6aa84641571f4cf8a02374d7c 5
d94eed3c8d138c4588ea4ff8cb1f0ce0 5
Is there a way to do it with kql ?
Also I am trying to do it by writing some filtering but couldnt make it.

also this query dsl is not accepting

would be happy if I can get an idea about how to achieve this thanks in advance!

yes, you can achieve it, but you need a tool for aggregating your data. Discover won't work here. Do you need an exact timestamp or only Id and max IndexInEntry? For example, solution in Lens: (Replace customer_id by JourneyId.keyword and products.base_price by IndexInEntry).

If you need to also display a timestamp, that unfortunately is not possible here.

thanks for the answer Marta but yes I want not only timestamp but also other fields that doesnt exist in the ss :(. I want to visualize those information thats why I need to filter them as I want first but seems no chance.

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