Group by field and remove a complete group if it contains a certain value in a second field

Hello there,
we are testing some Kibana usecases and of course I got some problems I'm not able to solve right now.

We are logging printed documents and their lifetime in json format. Each application ( 5 overall) the document passes, sends a json message to elasticsearch.
In a simplified view, we have as fields a doc_id, which is the unique identifier for a single document. Each json message from the applications contains this doc_id.
As second field we have a field called outmode, which represents the application, which the document has passed.

As example for a document lifecycle:
doc_id: 1234

Message from application 1 contains:
doc_id = 1234
outmode = application_1

Message from application 2 contains:
doc_id = 1234
outmode = application_2

Message from application 3 contains:
doc_id = 1234
outmode = application_3

Message from application 4 contains:
doc_id = 1234
outmode = application_4

Message from application 5 contains:
doc_id = 1234
outmode = application_5

The target is, to see all documents, which passed a certain number of applications, for example application_1 to application_3.
The documents which have proceeded further then application_3 should not be displayed.
The documents which have passed application_1 and application_2, but not application_3 should not be displayed as well.

For any additional information, don't hesitate to ask.

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