Group in time series and filter by number of elements

Hi everyone,
let me explain what I have and what I want to achieve.

I have data about bank transfers. I want to do a time serie representing the average number of users that have made more than 2 transfers of a specific type. I have an index pattern containing all the transfers. Each transfer as an userId and a type.

What I want to do is filter the transfers by type and then group by userId. Then filter and retain only those groups which 2 o more transfers and lastly divide the number of groups by the total number of users registered.

I have another index pattern for the users only and another with the users and transfers.

I tried to achieve this using TSVB and Timelion and in both cases I can filter the transfers by type and group by userId but not filter the groups and compute the ratio.

Thank you very much for your time.


computing the ratio you can do in Timelion by using the .divide() function. Basically, define the first series (with the breakdown, which is the numerator), and then divide by the other (which is all the transfers, the divisor).

Some examples of how it is used you can see here:

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