Group servers in one square box


Your new feature Infrastructure UI is awesome. For some time, me and my colleague building something similar in Canvas.

I have one question about grouping server. Is it possible to get the result of tag query in one square box which will represent all servers’ tags belongs to? Servers will be expanded (drill down) when click on square box. For example, to display one square box for all SAP servers that may be drill down for details per server as it is now. The idea is if one the server exceeds the threshold the square box will change color to display warning in server group.


Hi @mladen,

thank you for the suggestions. I see two separate improvements in your description:

  1. Allow for grouping by the terms of an arbitrary field. We would like to add that and are tracking it in elastic/kibana#26331
  2. Propagate box color up the hierarchy. Sound like a great idea. I opened elastic/kibana#26799 to track it.

Please feel free to join the conversations on these issues and contribute your use-cases.

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