Growth over time using "metric" and "table" visualizations


Is there any way to calculate the growth over time in the "metric" and "table" visualizations? I only have two fields in my index: timestamp and sales, and I would like to get something like this:



I know that I can do it with the Timelion visualization (using the "offset" parameter), but I need to use tables and metrics.

Thank you very much!

This kind of request is fairly common, but we don't have a great solution for you. It's a high priority for us to support this kind of calculation in Lens, so I have been planning out this work.

There is a workaround which you can do in the TSVB editor: if you set your time range to 2 years, and your time interval to 1 year, you can use the "serial difference" function to get the "previous" value. Screenshot here with example:

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