Year over Year Calculations

I am trying to create a report with year over year calculations, I want to show to sum of activity in Jan 2020, and compare that with the sum of Jan 2019, I wish to display this is a numeric value of the difference, and show the percent change, how can I do this?

You should be able to do that with TSVB and the "serial difference" aggregation:

The "lag" parameter is the number of buckets to compare the current value to, make sure to set the "Interval" to 1 year in the Panel options. In the options tab of the series (the one seen in the screenshot) you can set the formatting to percentage.

Great, thank you! One more question for you... Im not seeing a way to filter the data, it appears its doing the calculation on all the data available in kibana, I created a Data Table with the metrics I need and the filters applied, how can I combine this?

I want to show this Week over Week Calculation based on a specific set of data with the filters applied


With data table you mean the visualization type? Filters work a little different there than in TSVB.

In TSVB in the "Panel options" you can specify the index patterns and a field based filter for the visualization:

Got it, Thank you!

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