Is it possible to different time filters for different bucket in a TSVB visualization


I would like to have a gauge in kibana with the turnover increasing over the month, and the middle of the gauge has to be the average turnover.
Here is what I've done, it only shows the ratio, not the real values but it's ok the real value will be in a metric next to it.

But I m stuck here, I don't know how to (if we can) set up a filter on the time for the sum bucket only, or if there is another way to do what I intend to... Because here it will always be 0.5, it doesn't evolve threw time, I would like it to be at 0 a the begining of the month, and see it evolve as the month's turnover increases.

Thanks for your time, and if you have any idea let me know :blush:

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