GSOC 2018: Elasticsearch - Update elasticsearch-lua

(Theodor Stoican) #1

Hi guys,

I am a 4th year student at University Politehnica of Bucharest. I am interested in working on the following project: Update elasticsearch-lua. During my previous internship with Bitdefender, I worked with Elasticsearch and certain libraries (language-dependent) to index our internal data. I believe I can handle this task and I am currently working on the following issue: (and planning to submit a PR during the next days).

Would you be able to provide me with some more specific details about this project? More exactly, what would the missing features from ES 2.x up to 6.x that the Lua client should provide?

Thank you for your time.


(xeraa) #2

Hey @theostoican,

There has been a discussion about the scope at — hope that helps, otherwise let us know.

And since you want to work on the Lua client, I think a PR against the Lua client makes more sense (and will also be easier to achieve I guess). But feel free to work on Elasticsearch as well of course.