Guide for nontechnical end users

I am just getting started learning and using elasticsearch. I am looking at all these docs and tutorials and it all seems fairly complex. But my use case is the same as Amazon, and no one has ever taught me how to search on a site with faceting. So my question is this: Is there a guide to translating elasticsearch detail, specificity, and complexity into easy and intuitive interfaces for non technical end users?

Hi, I would recommend the following:

Well, building and breaking I know how to do, but I was hoping something a little more specific to the issue already existed somewhere, and if so I didn't know what keywords would help me zero in on it and find it. That way I could build it with a little more trial and a lot less error.

No there currently is not. Did you have something in mind?

Is that an offer to have me write one? :yum:. No, nothing more specific than
that in mind. Just trying to not re-invent the wheel.

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