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I have been tasked with setting up a production Elastic Stack. I work in Health Care and have many security concerns. We just purchased an Elastic Licence. Is the provided Support enough to get set up or should I be looking to hire a consultant or some type of assistance engineer to architect our final solution? I am realizing the learning curve on ELK is long and I am lining up some classes now but I want to be able to deliver this asap. Thanks for your Wise advice.

@bigdamhero as per my knowledge this is totally depends on how complex your data (Ingestion, Extraction, Searching, Alerting Etc) and your ES Stack (Final Solution).

Despite, Elastic documentation is more than good enough to set up our solution on our own.
If you think that you can able to handle the whole deployment from Technical aspects please go head.

But if you have any time line concerns try to bring some consultant to do the job.Because as you said you are new to Elastic Stack.

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100% yes, you can ask them anything to do with our technology and they will help you.

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