Handling changes between Kibana instances

I have a dozen or so Kibans with the same basic configuration, but they differ slightly from one another (e.g. the selected queries are slightly altered). Is there a good option for handling this? What I have in mind, for example, some software where I could see the differences between configurations etc.? I mean, for example, the case where I change something in the base configuration and these dozen Kiban have some minor changes and to compare this with each other etc. Generally the 'id' of the elements is consistent and e.g. occurs in relation to visualisations etc. Whereas the only changes are typically the 'query' part. Perhaps there are some solutions to facilitate such handling?

By the way, even Kibana could compare the imported configuration to the one it have in terms of whether they differ and only ask for an action if they differ and the elements are not the same.


what does selected queries here mean?
also what is your stack version?


I mean all "Saved Objects".
Latest v8.

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