Queries/ Visualize overriding

I ran into a problem when overriding/ changing Queries & Visualize In Kibana

  1. I've create new visualize and save it with the same title of an old one. It create duplicity of queries with the same title, but different content. When deleting the old query, the visualize that was sign to it, didn't know to refer to the new query with the same title

  2. When updating/ changing exist visualize and save it under the same name, no pop up message appears that point on overriding. Is this how it works in ES 5.2.1 ? in 5.1.2 message appears

Any idea?

Tnx :+1:

@avivc this is a change that was made in 5.2, we have some improvements planned to make this less-confusing and let the user know when there is a duplicate name, but we don't intend to prevent users from doing so.

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@Brandon_Kobel we have an ongoing dialouge today :slight_smile:
Thanks for the inputs !
BTW - the link is broken

I've just notice that if I'm trying to import Dashboard that exist it does pop up message for overriding issue

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