Make a query that change some (but not all) the visualizations in the dashboard + jumping to results in "discover" from the dashboard

Hi, is there a good way to show a dashboard that show info about all the data (without a specific query), while some visualizations are changed by quering?
What I want is to have one side of the dashboard show general data (and stay this way, regardless of user queries), and the other side of the dashboard change by on-the-fly queries.
Is there a way to do that?
If there is no built-in way, does anyone have a work-around?
If non of the above - is this a feature someone requested in the next versions of kibana? seems very usefull to me, and not just have the entire dashboard change everytime.

One way I thought to do so far was to add a filter to the "general" side of the dashboard that will return all results (or specific results, depending on the case) that will not change even if the user adds a query. So far, its seems that whene you enter a query it runs the filter after it runs the query. Is there a way to stop this from happening and keep the "general" side only wit hthe pre defined filter?

Is there a way to double click a result displaying in the dashboard (or any visualization, for that matter) and go to the documents in the results? (for example - if I search for all the files that contain "some phrase", and the visualization shows me that there are 8 of them, I want to double click the number and it will jump to the discover page, and show me the 8, or something like this). Is there a way to do that?

I'm using kibana 6.x


cc @thomasneirynck

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