Handling of large fields (strings or attachments) in Kibana

I am trying to use Kibana 4 to browse my index. The index contains just few douments, but the documents have huge string fields which are not supposed to be searchable but need to be stored (index is set to "no" for such fields).
When I add such string fields to the index, Kibana cannot load or it is starting extremely slow ("Discover" tab displaying all the index entries, by default). I would be ok if such fields would not be shown in Kibana to speed up its work but cannot figure out how to set that up with mapping properties or Kibana config.
I also tried to use attachment datatype for these fields but that did not help at all: Kibana is still showing them base64 encoded and it is still very slow.

Could you suggest anything to resolve this?

What Kibana 4 version are you using? Discussion in this thread might be helpful: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/5279

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I am using Kibana 4.3

Makes sense - If you follow the Github link above, we added a transform to help with this issue in Kibana 4.4. Feel free to weigh in on the discussion if it doesn't help in your case.

Thank you. I will try to upgrade the stack then to see if that will help in my case

Sure. Keep in mind that after the upgrade, you'll have to apply a transform to limit a display of these fields: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/pull/5280#issuecomment-163743536 Good luck!