Have any roadmap for supporting php frameworks?


I'm developing PHP application with Lumen Framework. Now we're using third paritie's library for APM.
I know that currently the development of official apm-agent-php is on going. I hope that I can work and test with official one as soon as possible.

Do you guys have any roadmap to support php frameworks? I mean AutoInstrument for each framework. We don't hope adding a lot of code in current application If possible.

If Lumen or Laravel is already on your target, I'm interested in contributing the plugin for them.

Hi @ty-edelweiss - welcome back to the forum.

We definitely like to add auto-instrumentation for popular PHP frameworks (and Laravel and Lumen are at the top of that list) as soon as possible. There are the following GitHub issues:

You are very welcome to contribute to any/all of these issue.
For example, we can start by deciding (at #258 - Design a skeleton for a framework support auto instrumentation) what information framework-supporting auto instrumentation should provide. I've listed a few items and yours and other users feedback would be very valuable.

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