Having trouble starting Elasticsearch + Kibana out of the box 8.2.0

Hello, I'm new to Elasticsearch. I went ahead and followed through the quick start guide and I am having some trouble getting kibana to work and load the starting dashboard.

Here are some outputs from terminal for reference.
I basically ran ./bin/Elasticsearch in one terminal and ./bin/kibana in another, right after it was downloaded from elastic download page.



Following picture shows the error message when trying with the token that was provided when starting Elasticsearch instance.

Another thing is that after running first ./bin/Elasticsearch,
./bin/elasticsearch-users list
Outputs: No users found (not even elastic superuser)

./bin/elasticsearch-create-enrollment-token -s kibana
Outputs: ERROR: Failed to determine the health of the cluster.

Anyways, please help. I really am not sure what I am missing.
Thank you.

Okay, I think I found the issue. It is resolved now. It was tunnelblick vpn from work that messed up the initial setup.

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