[new user] Unable to start Kibana

Hi guys,

I'm trying to install the ELK stack on a Windows machine. I followed the official instructions, and installing Elasticsearch as a service proceeded without a hitch, I got the password for the elastic account.

The problem started with Kibana. I followed the instructions here: Install Kibana on Windows | Kibana Guide [8.11] | Elastic

I ran kibana.bat, and when I tried to access the site at port 5601 I can briefly see the logo before getting the "Kibana server is not ready yet" message.

When I started Kibana, the output is more or less normal, except for this part:

[2023-11-21T10:12:29.542+08:00][ERROR][elasticsearch-service] Unable to retrieve version information from Elasticsearch nodes. security_exception
        Root causes:
                security_exception: missing authentication credentials for REST request [/_nodes?filter_path=nodes.*.version%2Cnodes.*.http.publish_address%2Cnodes.*.ip]
[2023-11-21T10:12:30.946+08:00][INFO ][plugins.screenshotting.chromium] Browser executable: C:\Actix_DI\ELK\kibana-8.11.1\node_modules\@kbn\screenshotting-plugin\chromium\chrome-win\chrome.exe

No further output comes out after this except for the timeout message.

Both the elasticsearch.yml and kibana.yml files are completely commented out. I did not made any modifications to either file.

Can someone help me? I'm Googling the solution and nothing works so far.

Hi @Amry,

Welcome to the community! It looks like an invalid credentials issue. Can you try resettings the enrolment token as per this topic?

Otherwise I would recommend troubleshooting using some of the ideas in this post.

Hi Carly,

Thank you for your post; I followed this suggestion in the post and my ELK stack is working now!

It feels rather counter-intuitive that I have to start the application without using admin rights command prompt, but oh well. Again, thank you very much for your suggestion.

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