Unable to install Kibana on Windows


Kibana Version: 7.12.0- Windows

I am unable to install Kibana though the Elastic search is up and running on http://localhost:9200/.

The following are the commands I ran in Command prompt

C:>cd C:\kibana\kibana-7.12.0-windows-x86_64


But I am getting the error attached in the image.

P.S: I am a beginner trying to learn ELK stack. Have no prior knowledge on ELK.

Please start elasticsearch server first. check output using http://localhost:9200
After that start kibana same way and check output using http://localhost:5601

Hi @hussshe Welcome to the community.

Looks to me that you elasticsearch is secured and you have not provided credentials for kibana to connect to elasticsearch. So you probably need to add the elastic username and password to the kibana.yml.

That 401 is an authentication failure.

Did you install elasticsearch yourself as well?

Also please don't use screenshots, they are hard to read, can not be search or cut-n-pasted to check errors etc.

Thanks Stephen, this worked.

Kibana is up and running, Mangesh. Thanks much!!

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