Unable to set up ELK - elastic search and kibana authentication

I'm trying to set up ELK in windows, currently I'm done with the installation of ELK, when i try to access
localhost:9200 (Elastic Search)
localhost:5601 (Kibana)

I'm getting a pop up asking for a Authentication request i,e to enter user name and password.

As per my knowledge i didn't set up any authentication.

The installation process was as follows :
1.Downloaded ELK on respective links
2.used windows ex file and run the ES setup
3.kibana - downloaded and unzipped and ran the bat file (have pointed the es url in yml file )

any clue plz

Vigneshprasanna R

Exactly which version did you download (ZIP file? Windows Installer?)?

i downloaded 6.1.2 .MSI file . i came to know that they have sheld installed by default. the problem is that i don't know what is the default username and password.

There is no longer a default username and password when you install X-Pack, so you should have had to set one during installation, as outlined in the documentation.

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Thanks a lot Christian .... last Is there any way to reset the password inside the folder structure ?? or any other way to overcome the authentication ??

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