SOLVED by re-installing ELK stack using tar files: Unable to login to kibana and elastic search after installing x-pack

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ELK Version : 6.2.4

I am new to the elastic search and kibana and I started using this link

Before this i was able to access the Kibana and the Elastic serach very well with out password but now it prompts me with username password pop-up.

I have set thepassword using following command:
bin/x-pack/setup-passwords interactive
which wasn't success.

Any help be appriciated, thanks.

(kulkarni) #2

I would also check if you have the elasticsearch.username: xxxxx and elasticsearch.password: xxxxx set right in kibana.yml to access ES . Can you share exactly what is the error message you are encountering. Screenshots, config files ( you can strip the pwds if any) , logs would help us debug more.


(Tim Vernum) #3

What does "it" mean? Kibana?
If you install X-Pack with security enabled, then Kibana is supposed to show you a login page.
What sort of "pop-up" are you seeing?

What does that mean? What error did you receive? How do you know it wasn't successful?

(Luke) #4

I have this error when I load the Kibana.

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