HDFS for Reading and writing elastic index

Hi All,

We are working on elasticsearch poc, and we have a scenario where elastic indexes needs to stored with in HDFS(like Apache solr).

What we have explored:

  1. We have seen the NFS mount option mentioned in one of the blogs, and as said this is not the recommended option
  2. We have seen the snapshots, for taking backup to HDFS(but this is for backup)
  3. Explored the option of Hadoop-ES Connector, this looks a good solution but this we can consider if reading and writing to HDFS directly is possible

What we are looking for :

  1. Reading and writing indexes directly to HDFS like Apache Solr

Please give your suggestions and please correct if my understanding is incorrect.

Thanks in advance

There is no way to do this and it's not recommended.

Thank you Mark

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