Head-Shoulders-Neckline pattern in Kibana


Does anyone know if this is doable in Kibana?

It is a head-shoulders with a neckline pattern for stock graphs.

Thanks in advance for reactions.


Hi Peter,

which part of this do you mean exactly?

I mean you can draw a line using a regular line chart, or do you mean, adding threshold lines (neck line) in there, which is also possible with some visualizations. Or do you mean detecting the head and shoulders pattern in side a graph? That wouldn't be possible anymore, since Kibana is meant for visualizing data, but not for pattern detection inside your data.


Yeah, I was trying to find out some pattern recognition in data.
What I am trying to accomplish is creating a graph to generate a neckline between should and heads.

It is for learning purposes to make stock graphs insightful. What do you suggest for pattern recognition in Kibana?


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