Heavy queries in Kibana

We use ELK a a SIEM solution. And sometimes we need to do heavy queries.
We do not want to do it fast - it is ok, if it take an hour or more.
Is it possible to do in Kibana? Like search jobs in other products. So, that work in background and when it finishes - it shows result?

Another similar question is with visualisations. Can i do a dashboard, that have heavy visualisations for a mounth or several mounthes that works in a background?And when i open it, it shows emediatly?

Hi! Thanks for your inquiry.

Since its inception, Elasticsearch and Kibana have generally been tools for "fast/short" queries. However, we realize that there is increasingly a need for "slow/long" queries, and that is one area of focus that we are currently investigating. While there aren't currently ways to run slow/long queries in the background, we are discussing how we might build APIs and UIs to handle these sorts of requests.

While we don't have a specific timeframe for releasing these improvements, we are hoping to have something by the next major release.

Thank you for your clear response. Hope you will find a solution.

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