How find heavy visualization

I think what I have visualization slow down all Kibana. How i can find them?
Kibana v6.1

Most likely, you've got a visualization that's either pulling in large amounts of data or running an expensive query. It's hard to diagnose precisely. Generally what I do is I look at the dashboard in question, and I watch how it loads. Is there a particular visualization that is slower to display than all the others? I also glance over the visualizations. Is there one that seems to have a lot of data points? It could also be that your time range is big and spanning a lot of documents, causing less-efficient queries to have to scan large datasets. etc. It's more of an art than a science at the moment.

We're working on improving Kibana's performance when a single visualization requires a slow query. Right now, that scenario can delay an entire dashboard. But that problem should be solved in the next few releases.

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Thx very much

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