HELP - decreasing date depending visual

I am trying to build a visualization in kibana:
I have a set of data that have an end date or not yet (work still to be acomplished)
I want to visualize how fast the work load is decreasing.
Lets say i am looking at jobs that need to be done from the 1st of january till the end of april,
if i complete a job (one data) its end date is set (lets say 1st of february), I would like that data to be taken into account left of its completion date and then not anymore.

If all jobs are done the graph goes to 0, because all data have end dates.

Basically it is a count the number of data over the period - the cumulative sum
I am not sure i am explaining this right.

Thanks in advance for the help

I think you can get something similar by using the Filters aggregation. You can have two filters:

end_date: *
NOT end_date: *

And then compare these two filters in a date histogram. This will create two series which you can stack to get the total amount changing over time.

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