Help: NEST Search Match List\ARRAY Debacle

Hi I was hoping I could get some help on this issue I have been having. The below code works but I want to tweek it to were .MATCH is the one that is actually searching for field2Text1 or field2Text2 in field2. Most sites have always said to use TERMS. But in TERM vs MATCH. I need MATCH's rules to where it is not case sensitive and exact. I like TERMS ability to just have a list dropped into it to search, I was wondering is MATCH had something similiar in NEST.

` var response = await esClient.SearchAsync<Results>(s => s
            .Query(q => q
                .Match(m => m
                    .Field(f => f.field1)
                ) && q
                 .Terms(m => m
                     .Field(f => f.field2)
                     .Terms(new List<string> { "field2Text1", "field2Text2" })
                ) && +q


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