Help required for Kibana link redirection from Grafana

Hello Experts,

I have a grafana dashboard with elastcsearch as data source showing the log ERROR/WARN "status by Group Panel". This panel provide a provision to redirect to the metric URL. I have used the below URL for this:!t,value:0),time:(from:$__from,mode:absolute,to:$__to))&_a=(columns:!(_source),index:'ee4e2a20-9679-11e9-9de9-c5ddf50151ac',interval:auto,query:(language:kuery,query:'kubernetes.namespace_name.keyword%20:%20%22$$app%22%20AND%20log_level.keyword%20:%20%22WARN%22'),sort:!('@timestamp',desc))

Now the issue is that $__from and $__to are grafana inbuilt variable for the range which are in epoch timing. When redirected to kibana they do become proper time format but kibana hangs in searching screen. I think it is more to do with the html link but any help here would be greatly appreciated.

I think this is more of a question for the Grafana community than the Kibana community, but i'll leave it open in case somebody else has some experience with this scenario and can help.

Hello Marius,

Thanks for the response, could you please confirm from Kibana end if Epoch time is supported in the "time:" section of the URL because I see that the time gets converted to ISO8601 format but then it hangs on the search.


The URL that Akhil proposed expands the __from and __to variables to epoch timestamps in milliseconds, like:
I have tried it too and I see the same result:

  • it translates the dates in the time range selector
  • the search gets stuck
  • no error is reported

@Marius_Dragomir, could you please help letting us know what would be the correct way of creating the URL so that we can use milliseconds timestamps for the range selector?

@akhisar did you find a workaround?

Thank you both for your help.


Hello Gabriel,

Yes, for the time being I have used a dirty hack to extract time value from the time key of elasticsearch itself by extracting the top single values by arranging them in ascending and descending order followed by hiding this variables on Grafana. However this workaround need refresh of the dashboards to work properly.

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