Help with multiple data ranges in a single query

I've been given a requirement to produce a single kibana dashboard showing
app response times for multiple date ranges, and am stumped at how to
The user wants to see today's graph, along with the previous working day,
day -7, day -28 and day -364 on the same screen - ideally, all 4 metrics in
the same histogram & if they select another date range they want that to
show the day-1, day-7 (etc) results too

The only thing I've been able to come up with so far is pushing each source
event into elastic search 4 times (once with right timestamp,one with +1
day, one with +7 days, one with +28 days, etc.) and writing separate
queries for each, but this just feels wrong.

Any ideas how else the requirement could be met?

Many thanks.

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