Question on multiple date fields in an event and time range

I am trying to push all our team's tickets into ELK. The tickets have 5 date fields and I have 2 questions in this regard. I have all the data in the same index. The 5 different date fields:


Question 1: I want the event to be displayed for each of these 5 time instances when any of these are falling in the timepicker range in Kibana. Do I need to insert the same event multiple (5) times and associating each datefield with @Timestamp ? My time series chart is created with Date Histogram with @Timestamp.

Question 2: There are some events which span over days. Let us say that the start_date and end_date are 6hrs apart - for example from 06:00 till 12:00. When I am searching for any events ongoing between 08:00 and 10:00, I do not find this event. Anyway to accomplish this ?

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Yeah, you'll have to have the event ingested 5 times, you could do something like this:
name: event1,
action: Planned_Start
timestamp: time
and so on. This way you can display all 5 datesfields on the chart.

Q2. Other than having events piped in at a specific time interval that says ongoing or not, you won't be able to accomplish that in ES from what I can tell.

Update: i think you could use Canvas and the new SQL-like expression editor to achieve what you want from Q2. It will take a while to get into it, but it pretty much can solve any data problem, so it's a good feature to learn:

Thanks Marius. So, I have to insert the event multiple times.

Thanks for the tip. Will look into it.

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