Hi, ALL ! that have elasticsearch data of tomcat war,but

but ????

That indeed looks strange. Not sure why it has detected that there are documents from the Java agent but not from the APM Server. Maybe it's a version mismatch. Which APM Server version and Kibana version are you using? Seems like the Java agent version is 1.6.1.

thanks,felixbarny. APM Server version 7.1.0, Kibana version 6.4.0, Java agent version is 1.6.1

Upgrading Kibana to 7.1.0 should do the trick. The problem is that Kibana from the previous major version 6.x can't read the data from APM Server 7.x.

Good Morning, felixbarny!,thanks,but elasticsearh version is 6.4.0,Looks like I'm going to update all the versions of ELFK(elasticsearch+logstash+filebeat+kibana),But there is data to be used.

thanks,felixbarny! you are right, it's apm version problem,Let me replace it with 6.5.0 version.

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