Hide management page from Kibana by editing source code

Dear All,
I want to disable/hide management page from left side menu of Kibana portal .
Though Xpack security is not part of Basic License so is there any way to achieve same by any other means ?
Can we achieve same by editing source code of kibana ?

hi @satyaban,

you can do this in source code, but it would be a hack of course.

The code for the management plugin is here src/legacy/core_plugins/kibana/public/management. You could delete this folder, and clear up references to any files in this folder.

Alternatively, you could just add some css somewhere that hides the link. Something like

.kbnGlobalNavLink__anchor[href="http://localhost:5601/app/kibana#/management?_g=()"] {
  display: none;



Thanks for your quick response and I have made changes accordingly but not in management folder rather in common.style.css to hide all and able to achieve same.

Now I have below issues kindly help if possible

Due to some security limitation in our project we have to redirect out kibana base url to dashboards page directly.
For Example : Kibana URL is when I will access it should be redirected to dashboard page

basically I want to add kibana#/dashboards instead of kibana#/home (currently it is redirected to home page

I am tried to searching many .js file in Kibana folder to change kibana#/home link to kibana#/dashboards but didn't succeed .

Kindly suggest how to navigate to dashboard when I will type kibana Base URL instead of Home page(Default).

Note : I have tried to redirect with apache Web server but due to "#" symbol inside kibana#/home it is unable to read same (# is fragment anchor tag only processes at client side )

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