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Is there a way or work around to hide all icons other than Dashboard?


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Dashboard only mode


Hi @Bargs

Thank you for your quick response. But it will require xpack for this right? and xpack is offered as subscription service, correct me if i am wrong.


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You're correct, it relies on x-pack security. However that's the only way to accomplish what you want without modifying the Kibana source.


But if I am correct X-Pack requires subscription right? How much does it cost. Also, as i am implementing it as it is being an open source project so is there any way around through .css file and what do the Kibana source modification requires?


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One workaround for modifying the source is discussed here. However, this stuff is constantly changing, so it's not a good foundation to build a solution on.

You can find subscription info here. I believe dashboard only mode should work with a Standard Elastic Cloud subscription as well.

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Also, as that other Discuss comment I linked to mentioned, the reason the core kibana apps cannot be disabled like other plugins is due to this issue. You could also add a comment to that ticket expressing your need for this functionality and we may be able to make it happen at some point.


Thank you so much @Bargs. Is there any of front end hack which can be done so as to just make that buttons to hide?


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I'm sure you could cook something up with a "hack" type plugin. This type of plugin basically just drops a script tag into the page. Check out the plugin generator

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