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We have some totally different Spaces within Kibana so we use the "Customize feature display" to hide features which are not relevant in each space. This works great for the out-of-the-box features but seems not possible for plugins. We use for example LogTrail.

Is there a way to hide the plugin in given spaces?

If there is currently no way - what would be the best solution? Create a request to add plugins to the "Customize feature display" UI or to create an issue for the plugin to supported configuring in which spaces a plugin should be shown?

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Hey @Wolfram_Haussig,

This is certainly possible, but it requires the plugin author to opt-in to this functionality. Your best bet would be to contact the plugin author, and ask them to integrate with Kibana's feature controls. We have documentation here which helps explain that they would need to do in order to take advantage of this:


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