Hide Management Feature

I have created a role that has access to a specific space, in that space, I want to give access to the canvas feature only.
When I login with that user, I can see the management feature (gear icon).
I followed this discussion, and applied kibana_dashboard_only_user, but it is not giving me the desired outcome.

How can achieve what I am after?
Specific space, and show the canvas feature only (No dashboards).
Not sure it is possible according to this GitHub thread.
Kibana version 7.6.2


Hi @AClerk,
unfortunately, it's impossible to hide management feature. If you give +1 to this issue, it'll be prioritised sooner for development: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/35965

How's that done?

Hi @AClerk , you have to create a new role with access only to your desired spaces and than go to advanced settings in management tab and go to Dashboards only roles and put kibana_dashboard_only_user,your_newly_created_role

it works on 7.4.0
hope it helps :slight_smile:

Hi @haythem
I do not want to give users access to dashboards.
So it does not work.

hi @AClerk , yes you're right i miss understood your problem , i thought you wanted to give them access to dahboards :slight_smile:

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