Hide Management App on Kibana 7.2.x

Hi, everyone

I have just installed Elastic Stack 7.2.0 on my computer. I like the new feature that allows you to hide applications (feature controls) on Kibana, however, I would like to hide Management App, an example:


I've configured that space to just show Discover and Dashboard, an example:

Is there any way to hide Management App on Kibana for that space ?

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Rodrigo :vulcan_salute:


Hey @RdrgPorto, there unfortunately isn't a way to completely hide the management app at this time. It's possible to hide the "advanced settings", "index pattern management" and "saved object management" portions of the management application itself, but not the entire application at this time. We're tracking this enhancement here https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/35965 if you'd like to comment or give it a +1 it'll help us prioritize it appropriately.


Hi @Brandon_Kobel,

Thanks for you answer :smiley: ,


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