Hide Kibana management tab for some users


Can any one please let me know, how to disable/hide the kibana Management tab for some users,i used the predefined role and it works but the kibana_dashboard_only_user shows all the available spaces and i want to show a certain spaces not all of them

Kibana version 7.2


@haythem you can create a new role specifying the spaces you wanna make visible to that role. You can even create new spaces, with some hidden features, and also associate them to that new role.

@tiagocosta i did that and i created the role and assigned the spaces to that role , but the management tab is still visible !!

@haythem I see! Ok so you can do this:


Just create a new role with access only to your desired spaces and than declare this role as dashboard only.

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@tiagocosta thanks it works now.

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