Hide/show children in Controls - option list


So, Im having problems figuring out how do show/hide children as option lists. Im working in Kibana 7.8.1.

Im working with documents which contains information about import/export of different foods in different countries. I already have a parent/child relationship between Continent and Country, which I visualized in Controls, like the following:

Because every country has different rules acc. to imp/exp, I would need each countries children to be shown as new option lists.
So, lets say I have chosen the country to be "Sweden", then these option lists should pop up:

And if I chose another country, which would have different rules, then different option lists would pop up.
The other country could be "Germany", and then this option list should pop up:

I believe you can fix this problem by creating links, but this would result in opening new pages/loading new pages, which im not interested in.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @sus,

unfortunately, to my knowledge, at the moment creating links would be the only option to achieve the above.

That's what I thought.. Oh well, thanks for the response :slight_smile:

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