Hide time interval text

I want to have a table showing the created at date for the data and would like to customize the text for the time interval.
How do I hide the "per week", "per month" and so on?

I want to only show the label

Hey @Mik_a. You can change the column label by applying a custom label. For example

I'm on the dashboard side, with Lens. What you are showing looks like Canvas?

Unfortunately Lens doesn't allow to hide the "per time interval" suffix at the moment - it's a known feature request though, this is the issue tracking it: [Lens] Custom interval appends "per <unit>" post fix to datatable header title · Issue #98054 · elastic/kibana · GitHub


It is the aggregated-based datatable!

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Yeah by using that one my issue can be solved. But from there I would like to remove/hide page scroll. (or what shoul I call it?)
I have and want only one row with data. So I do not need to jump to other pages.

< 1 > --looks like this

Can you send me some screenshots? What do you mean with one row of data ?

Do you mean the pagination? You could also change the number of rows per page. For example

Yes I mean pagination. Thing is I need and want only one row. This row shows info about the object the current filter is affecting.
All data would make thousands of rows. And before filtering, it is ok to show first (or last) in alphabetical order or something like that.
Pagination is not a major problem. Visually it is a bit ugly only. Unnecessary too

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