Hide Unmapped Field Warnings

I am working on reducing the number of indexed/mapped fields for one of our largest daily indices in Elasticsearch in order to reduce heap usage. I've rebuilt the index templates to explicitly map out ~250 fields, down from the ~2000 fields dynamic mapping had.

I have the dynamic mapping option set to false, as "strict" rejects documents and the entire goal was to prevent unnecessary fields from getting indexed, but still get documents in that have the unnecessary fields.

When searching the indices in Kibana, the unmapped fields have a warning icon next to them with "No cached mapping for this field. Refresh field list from Management > Index patterns page." on it.

Since refreshing won't do anything cause they aren't mapped/indexed fields, is there a way I can hide that warning? Or a way I can hide all fields if they aren't mapped while still displaying the mapped fields?

Welcome @stranjer!

It's not possible to hide the warning. However, we do have an open issue around adding the capability to hide fields. See: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/17270.

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