Hiding Kibana plugin from navbar, routes disabled?


So I am developing a kibana plugin and I would like to hide the plugin from the navbar
From the blog post suggested from the kibana resources in the "Writing kibana plugins" documentation

We can hide the plugins from the navbar by setting UIExport {app:} with the property hidden set to true. However when doing this, I am no longer able to access the routes for the app. Such as, where "app-name" would be the name of the hidden plugin.

Am I missing something or is this intended behaviour? In the blog post, it also states the status page works by using the hidden value, and it now has its own exclusive route. Thus by setting apps hidden do their routes change?
Regards Peter

Found the solution located within the source code.

if you list hidden as false, which allows you to create the link(or don't specify at all), then set "listed" property to false
routes remain active.

Is there a way I can contribute to documentation? As it is lacking quite a bit for plugin development

Here is some documentation for the plugin system: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/master/plugin-development.html

It's pretty limited as our plugin API has not been finalized.

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